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Temporary Help Service Company

What We Do

Tobin & Associates Inc. is a temporary help service that specializes in third party payroll services.

Utilizing third party payroll services has become an integral part of an effective contingent workforce strategy for all companies. Whether it's former 1099 independent contractors, co-op students, returning retirees, summer interns or any other temporary staff sourced by your company, the need for a third party administrator has never been greater. Government regulatory agency penalties for misclassification of workers as independent contractors versus common law employees can add up to huge, unwanted expenses.

Our 3rd Party Payroll Program provides professional payroll services for workers in Texas and Louisiana. This program offers an array of customized client services and benefits. As your payroll partner, we utilize our years of experience and expertise to focus on addressing the issues most important to our clients and employees.

As the Legal Employer of Record we will:

As your 3rd Party Payroll Administrator we will: